Herd it Through the Grapevine

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in Plettenberg Bay yesterday and we were able to swap sections of the Sunday Times as we would do at home, although in our case it was the South African version.

Some of the stories had a familiar ring to them — Bono being controversial by saying it was okay for an ANC activist to sing Shoot the Boer, government ministers caught with their hand in then till, cost of living spiralling, Rooney scoring a wonder goal and Annie Lennox running off with a married South African doctor.

But there was one royal wedding story that may or may not have made it to the UK. It seems one gift they might expect from the Rainbow Nation is a herd of cows.

Lobola is an ancient tradition whereby the prospective husband must pay his intended’s family in exchange for her hand.

The no-frills airline, Kulula, has said it will provide the cattle as a wedding present and has launched a Facebook campaign to determine just how many cows Kate Middleton is worth.

Po faced as ever, the palace has said that the couple have a policy of accepting gifts from commercial organisation which is a shame as I’d rather like to see a stampede down The Mall that wasn’t of the two-legged hysterical variety.

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