Flash Bang Wallop

I was innocently wandering around the grounds of the cathedral in Cape Town taking photos this afternoon when I suddenly heard: “You! Hey you photographer!”

I turned, expecting a telling off for some accidental transgression when I was approached by a matronly South African lady in a posh blue frock and matching big hat.

“The family are here and have no where to park. You’ve been here thousands of times — you must know when they can park.”

“Er, no…” I replied. “I’m just a tourist and I ‘ve never been here before.”

Why she thought I was the wedding photographer, I’ve no idea. I was wearing shorts, a Nelson Mandela t-shirt and an Addo Dungbeetle cap turned back to front so the peak didn’t get in the way of my camera, so I hardly looked the part.

Still, I did get this nice shot of the many children who dance around the market on Saturday, improved with Photoshop, so maybe there is another career waiting for me.

There are more ‘colour pop’ images of the kids on my photoblog.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 21st February 2011

    Erm, not clever to go shooting pictures of children without parental permission. Mind you somebody who dresses like you do could be into all sorts of dodgy things!


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