Commercial Break

We visited the city yesterday afternoon thinking it would be quieter that the noisy chaos of Saturday. And it was, mainly because pretty much everything closes on Sunday in Cape Town.

It felt like the day of rest used to be in the UK before the stores, shopping malls, pubs and restaurants decided there just weren’t enough days in the week for us to spend our money. It’s something I really like about Cape Town.

One place that wasn’t quiet though was Wale Street, near the cathedral. Cars were gridlocked nose to bumper, smoke poured from one vehicle and the drivers were getting hot and frustrated. Americans ones that is.

The street had been turned into New York, the cars with US number plates and the drivers sitting on the left as if they weren’t in right-hand drive vehicles, extra street signs and traffic lights everywhere and a recently constructed news stand.

The lane nearest the parliament building had been left clear and an open truck came thundering down, a camera on a boom at the front, while a crew man wandered around holding a large tear-shaped bottle of water with green leaves at the top, asking if it was in the right position yet.

A motor scooter weaved its way between the cars and on the back was a girl in a grey body suits decorated with pink spots. Meanwhile others could be seen here and there wearing bright, clown-like costumes.

It was  all a little surreal and we assumed that Cape Town had become NY for the filming of a major movie, like happened in Manchester last year for Captain America.

But no, all this trouble and expense was being spent on making a tv commercial for iced tea of all things. I can only assume there is a lot of money to be made in the iced tea business.

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