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There are a couple of these flowers growing in the garden of our guest house, but I spotted this one on our way to Boulders Beach.

It is a Crane Flower or Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia Reginae to give its Sunday name. The horizontal bit acts as a perch for the sunbirds which pollinate the flowers and its scientific name commemorates George III’s missus,  Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

It’s wonderful what you can learn from Wikipedia, but it wasn’t flowers that we’d gone to Boulders Beach to see, rather the colony of African penguins that also  live there.

This is the only place where the endangered species are actually increasing in numbers and the walkways throng with that unendangered species, Touristica Photographica.

You’ll find my photos of the penguins and this beautiful part of the False Bay coastline on my photoblog.

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