Groote Schuur

Mention Groote Schuur to a Capetonian and chances are they will think you are talking about the hospital where Christiaan Barnard carried the first heart transplant in 1967.

The original house and estate that gives the area its name is apparently ignored, which is odd since it was once the home of Cecil Rhodes who gifted it to the nation as a residence for the state leaders from 1910 to Jacob Zuma today, plus 18 of his cabinet colleagues.

The house is very much as Rhodes left it when he died in 1902, but it isn’t open to the public other than on special charity fundraising days. But you can still visit if you make the effort as we did this morning.

Above is the front door taken from inside, but I don’t propose writing much more or posting more images today — the house and it owners require more time to discuss at the length they deserve than I have now.

But I shall return to Groote Schuur once we return home which will be tomorrow, God and KLM willing.

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