Life’s Little Irritants — No 17

Red HandedWe’ve had a grouse for some time about one of our postmen who seems to have it in for anyone who prefers internet shopping.

Whenever we’re expecting a parcel from Amazon or anyone else, we inevitably find a card on the doormat telling us that we were out.

This is really annoying because we are inevitably “in” at that time in the morning, but the post office swears blind that they tried the bell and no-one answered.

We know this to be untrue because we have a dog who goes bananas if someone so much as puts the key in the door, while the bell has him woofing headache-inducing decibels as he skitters full-tilt at the door.

Apart from telling us wrongly that we were out, the card goes on to instruct us that we can collect our parcel from the sorting office after 11am. This is no big deal in itself as said office is only a few minutes walk from our home, but it does rather defeat the point of having a postal service.

And what if we couldn’t make the narrow window of opportunity they call opening hours? Especially on Saturday when they close at noon. There has been at least one occasion when I had to stand my ground and wait for the returning postman for a delivery that my daughter needed that evening, not Monday morning.

I have complained, of course, not that this got me very far. The man on the desk was adamant that our rung doorbell had gone unanswered, but today Mrs P caught them red handed.

She spotted the postman’s shadow through the glass in the front door which she opened to find him already filling in the “you were out” card.

Her blustered the excuse that he always started completing the card card before he rang the bell, just in case there was no-one in which as excuses go was about as flimsy as an airmail letter. (Anyone else remember them?)

He did manage to blush an appropriate pillarbox red though. It felt like a minor victory in the ongoing war against life’s little irritants, although no doubt normal non-service will be resumed soon.

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  • Jennyta 21st March 2011

    Great that he was caught in the act. Maybe now, he will think twice about not bothering to knock!

  • Yorkshire Pudding 21st March 2011

    You could have some Yorkshire post personnel transferred to Greater Manchester. We have excellent service from our postman and postwoman and I am sure that they would be happy to provide some inservice training for your unruly lot.

  • Mr Parrot 21st March 2011

    Jenny: It’s given me an idea — to install CCTV over the door. Documentary evidence!

    YP: I’m delighted to hear that Yorkshire posties have now mastered maths sufficiently to understand house numbers.

  • Denise 22nd March 2011

    Sounds a good plot for Midsummer Murders! lol! We know our postman – he leaves our parcels in the coalbunker! lol!

  • Mr Parrot 22nd March 2011

    It could well be one for John Nettles replacement to investigate — I’m pretty sure the postman is caucasian.

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 23rd March 2011

    I’ve had the same thing happens. We KNOW we were in when the post came and yet still find the annoying little card on the mat. I’ve complained too, to be told that it only happens when a signature is required, which is just not true.

    When OH was a postman (many moons ago) he’d have been sacked for ‘flanking’ the mail, but these days it seems to be acceptable!


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