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BastardsI heard the other day that someone is planning to set up an online recruitment agency for bankers. Isn’t it ironic that in these cash-strapped times, banking should be a growth area in employment.

They were looking for suggestions for what this agency might be called. I came up with a few: Cabal, Trough and Money-Grabbing Bastards, but I wasn’t taken seriously.

Being paid huge amounts of money for moving around even huger amounts of money is a sad indictment on The City if you ask me, especially when they still get paid huge amounts of money even when they flush the huger amounts of money down the toilet.

But on the theme of bankers, I caught the latest tv ad for the Nat West the other night, and their Helpful Banking Charter. They had promised to ask their customer what they wanted and the results were in.

Not paying the bosses obscene bonuses would have been a good start in my opinion, but then I’m not a customer. There was a telling syntax error in the ad though:

“There’s nothing to hide. Just the facts.”

Says it all really.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 27th March 2011

    Isn’t banking the oldest profession in the world? Well it was something like banking I’m sure.


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