Virgin on the Ridiculous

VirginYou can blame Richard Branson for my recent lack of posts. I know I do.

It started at the end of last week. Or rather it didn’t start because our internet connection suddenly vanished.

I wasn’t too concerned at first because it does occasionally drop off. Unplugging and replugging the box usually puts it right, that and a swift kick in the modems, but not this time.

So I called someone in India who had me crawling around under the tv switching things on and off and checking lights until he told me there was some vague problem between us and the outside world.

An engineer would be required and he could make an appointment for Monday which displeased somewhat. An entire three days cut off from what passes for civilisation these days was not a happy prospect.

I complained to his manager who promised he would try to arrange an earlier call out and promised to ring me back. He didn’t, but the connection reappeared as mysteriously as it had vanished. Divine intervention I suppose.

And I’m still waiting for the engineer to arrive.


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  • Jennyta 18th April 2011

    Good thing you are not holding your breath, SP! You’re not, are you? 🙂

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 21st April 2011

    Ah .. I hate when that happens! In fact, I hate call centres outside the UK – the people there are probably very able and all, but if I can’t understand their accent, what use is it to me?

    So, Monday came and went without the appearance of the engineer? Your piece of paper probably fell down the back of a filing cabinet. Yeah – I know it was probably all done by computer, but they still seem to have ‘filing cabinets’ for things to ‘fall down the back’ of.

    Good luck!


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