Sunday Sanity Check

Sunday evening is not a good time for talk radio, especially late on when the phone-ins fill the dead airtime and people with the most bizarre opinions find themselves a platform.

Mrs P commented on this last night after switching on Radio Five while making the bed. Some woman was on getting agitated about the Bin Laden business saying that there should be an inquiry into whether the action by the US Seals was legal and being critical of the release of Bin Laden’s home videos as a deliberate attempt at posthumous humiliation.

Invading a “friendly” sovereign nation and assassinating an unarmed man on their turf without telling them probably pushes the bounds of legality, but in what way did the caller expect it to have ended well?

I doubt if Bin Laden was much of a threat to security these days, if he ever was as an individual, but he was the figurehead for Al Qaeda and like all such heads he was going to get lopped off one day. And he knew that himself if his elaborate precautions over the years are anything to go by.

And what was the alternative to assassination? Capture and trial in the US or anywhere else was  never going to be fair so a bullet and a watery grave was the best result all round.

Other late night callers even criticised this burial at sea stating that this contravened the religious convention to be planted pointing towards Mecca, but hopefully the Seals will have loaded one side of the body bag with magnets so he floats in the right direction and his human rights are observed.

As for the release of the video, well yes it does show that Bin Laden was a pathetic figure watching himself on tv as if to remind himself that he really was very, very important.

But back to the phone-in, Mrs P wondered why the BBC should give callers like the woman above free air time to spout their nonsense. It isn’t left-wing bias, it’s just that only nut jobs call at that time because the rest of us have better things to do.

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  • Jennyta 9th May 2011

    On Radio 4 there is a good spoof on these phone-in programmes but I’m afraid I’ve forgotten what it’s called. (Age-related memory!)

  • Mr Parrot 10th May 2011

    Jenny, you might be thinking of the sketch from the Million Pound Radio Show that I posted about here.


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