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Fed up with 3D movies? Technology has the answers — glasses that let you watch your film in good old two dimensions as nature, Hitchcock, Spielberg et al intended.

For just $8 (plus $3 shipping) will send you a pair of specs that will flatten all that wispy dandelion seeds floating around the screen in Avatar so that you can concentrate on the plot instead.

The reason for this “innovation” is because some people suffer from nausea and headaches when watching 3D movies, something that the new glasses rectify. A perfect example of technology solving a problem that it created itself.

Presumably these 3D televisions cause the same problem which must be a sickener (literally) if you’ve paid all that money to watch Simon Cowell sitting in your living room only to find that he turns your stomach. Even more than usual.

I get the impression that the entertainment industry is doing things just because it can. Like messing around with old WWII newsreels. We all know that all wars pre-1950 were fought in black and white, but now you can watch in glorious Technicolor. Or “colorized” as the Nazi Aliens from Atlantis Channel would have it.

What moaning old git I’m becoming. I remind myself of that other ophthalmic invention that we didn’t ask for — reactionary to shite lenses.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 21st May 2011

    Technology isn’t always good. I think 3D cinema is massively hyped up just to boost profits and cinemagoers respond like sheep. Baaaa! I saw “Avatar” and I enjoyed the novelty of 3D but I would have preferred a more gripping storyline instead of the predictable plot I had to endure.


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