Roade to Somewhere

I’ve been wondering what the collective noun might be for a group of Aston Martins. A Phwoar! perhaps, or a 007 given how many have featured in the Bond movies. Or maybe a Windsor after Kate and William set off on their honeymoon in dad’s old banger of a DB6.

The reason for this enquiry followed a weekend spent away near Northampton for a friends wedding. We stayed at a small hotel in Roade and in the car park that accommodated six vehicles, three of them were Aston Martins.

There was a dark green DB5, à la James Bond and Charlie Windsor, and a DB7 and a DB9, both in silver. I couldn’t figure out who the owners might be as the other guests were several older Geordie couples who I didn’t have down as Aston Martin owners. How wrong could I was.

Early next morning I saw two of the men carefully sponging down the DB7 and DB9 before leaving after breakfast. Possibly there was some Aston Martin Owners’ Club event at nearby Silverstone, but I didn’t have time to check. Neither did I think to take a few photos, hence the various images of Roade dotted about this post.

Mrs P’s friend from her Hertford College days was in the UK for a very special occasion. Ant has lived in the US for most of his adult life and married Marj two weeks ago in their Las Vegas home. They were in Roade to have their marriage blessed in front of family and friends over here.

It was a great day, particularly for Mrs P who was able meet some college pals she hasn’t seen in over 30 years, even if it did drive home the inevitability of the ageing process.

Roade itself is a delightful village about five miles west of Northampton. It seems to have grown in fits and starts with its Norman church, thatched cottages, red brick Victorian school all interspersed with more modern houses and concrete features like the water tower above.

But it has kept me quiet over the past fews days and hopefully I am now back to normal with perhaps a few photos from our sojourn at Ironbridge on Saturday to come tomorrow.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 23rd May 2011

    Two men were sponging down the DB7 and DB9? Their wives had odd names but surely they could have taken showers like normal wives!


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