Is this the way it should be?

PCS StrikeYet more unrest in the public sector. This time it’s the teachers who are threatening to strike over plans to make them work longer, pay more and receive less from their pensions.

And this afternoon we hear the results of the strike ballot by the Public and Commercial Services Union that could see three-quarters of a million state-paid workers marching on the streets.

No doubt lots of this unrest is political anti-coalition agitation, but I don’t intend getting into the rights and wrongs of such militant action. Rather the public reaction, like this clip from today’s phone-in:

Gerry on Five Live

Gerry, the unemployed decorator, is clearly very cross about the pensions that public sector workers receive, as were other callers, but it’s their logic that I find sad.

The gist of it is: “I have to work long hours, I can’t afford a pension, I’ll have to work till I drop, so why shouldn’t you?”

It’s the race to the bottom syndrome — drag everyone down to the same level. Why can’t people aspire to better?

Public sector pensions are okay, allowing a comfortable retirement. Isn’t that what we should all be demanding, not the ruination of others so we’re all in the same penury boat?

Is that really the way it should be?

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 15th June 2011

    Bloody teachers! Long holidays and they finish work at three in the afternoon! I was a schoolboy once and I know how easy teaching is. They should sack the lot of them and send in retired army or police personnel. They would soon knock the kids into shape. And I don’t give a toss if teachers spend their entire careers paying superannuation from their salaries. They don’t deserve the pensions they have already paid for. It’s not fair so I am off to the pub to get bladdered.
    Yours ignorantly,
    Rancid Gobshite (Manchester)

  • Mr Parrot 15th June 2011

    You shouldn’t joke. My old headmaster was a retired army brigadier and complete tosser to boot.


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