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Lexicon of LoveMany years ago, when pub jukeboxes actually contained vinyl discs, before they switched to digital and then disappeared entirely, you could stumble on previously unknown gems simply by pressing the wrong combination of letters and numbers, whether deliberately or the fault of a beery fog.

One such I recall was a B-side by that Sheffield beat combo, ABC. It was the flip-side of their 1982 hit Posion Arrow and was a slowed down, jazzier version of the same.

I’ve wondered about it since then because it didn’t appear on the album, Lexicon of Love, and I began to wonder if I might have dreamt it, an imagining of my Theakston’s befuddled brain, but I finally tracked it down on Spotify.

Although it boasted both tune and lyrics from Poison Arrow, the track was actually titled Theme from Mantrap for some reason and didn’t appear on Lexicon of Love until the digitally re-mastered edition of 1996.

I’m not sure that is quite as good as I remembered it, but here it is nonetheless, so make up you own mind.

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The term jukebox came into use around 1940 derived from juke joint, an informal establishment featuring music, dancing, gambling, and drinking, primarily operated by African American people in the southeastern United States.

The word juke itself derive from the Gullah word joog or jook, meaning rowdy or disorderly.

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