Finger Lickin’ Crud

KFCBelieve it or not, there was a time when I used to quite enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken, back in the day when the only thing KFC stood for was Kilmarnock Football Club.

Fast food was still a novelty and somewhat exotic back then, like a Wimpy egg burger or Vesta beef curry or their chow mein with soft and crispy noodles.

But KFC was something special, something you’d go out of your wat for. In fact, me and my mates would drive seven miles into Manchester late at night because that was the only outlet, and all for a box of finger lickin’ good chicken, fries and bbq beans.

Of course, tastes change and the last time I remember eating  a KFC was in 1996 when I bought a family bucket as a treat when the kids were young.

They weren’t impressed then, but my son has become something of a KFC aficionado of late. Now it is his turn to drive out of his way to buy some for him and his mates, usually on a Saturday afternoon.

I managed to resist joining in the order, at least until last night. We were stuck for something to eat and my offer of a chippie tea was spurned in favour of Colonel Sander’s secret recipe and I thought: “Why not? Let’s take the taste buds on a trip down memory lane.

What a let down. The chicken was really bland, even more so than chicken usually is, but where was all the grease? And as I recall, the lack of flavour was made up for by the spicy, crispy coating, but it tasted of very little at all. It is as if the super secret recipe has had all the salt and other “bad things” removed to leave just crunchy nothingness.

Even the barbecue beans tasted far too wholesome for their own good.

That’s what happens when these companies start “caring” for everything — their customers’ health, animal welfare and the environment — instead of sticking to serving good, old-fashioned, unwholesome fare.

It was bloody expensive too.

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  • Jennyta 23rd June 2011

    Keith and I had the same experience two years ago (We don’t do this takeaway lark often, you see!) Very disappointing, in fact, a complete waste of money.


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