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Hitler FigureI read this story the other day, tucked away on page 36 of the Daily Mail. Someone called Philip Fursman has been banned from selling the pictured model of Adolf Hitler on eBay because members are “not permitted to list items that contain propaganda or memorabilia with Nazi or SS markings”.

Mr Fursman said, “I quite agree that Hitler was a horrible individual but if you look at the model there are no SS markings on him.”

That may be so, but I would have thought that the moustache and trademark lazy high-five Sieg heil are pretty recognisable as symbols of Nazism. The question is, should they be banned?

We’re often told that future generations are in danger of forgetting the holocaust and the evil that can be enacted when democracy crumbles and an elite take control of the state. But isn’t it similar behaviour to ban the reminders of the past you’re not comfortable with?

That’s a genuine question, by the way, and I don’t claim to know the answer. To me the Hitler figure above is nothing more than a caricature that pokes fun at the tyrant which, of course, was the basis of most wartime media coverage in Britain.

Hitler FigureAnd if eBay was so offended, why hasn’t it banned this “very rare” 1889-1945 commemorative Hitler figure (bidding currently £300) that comes complete with a range of uniforms, accessories and interchangeable calm and ranting heads?

But I have digressed. What I really wondered about was the Daily Mail’s attitude to Hitler and eBay. They didn’t come right out and say so, but the implication is that they think that banning Nazi memorabilia is a silly idea.

Not surprising, I suppose, given the paper’s editorial policies and their support for Hitler, Mussolini and Mosley in the pre-war years. Out of interest, I searched their site for Hitler stories and got 2,226 hits. Here are a few of the headlines:

  • Did Hitler really only have ONE testicle? A historian sorts the extraordinary truth from the far-flung myths about the Führer
  • Hitler the comedian: The Nazi leader’s bodyguard reveals dictator’s funny side
  • Hitler’s ‘Viagra’ jabs: Sickly Führer hoped quack doctor’s concoction would pep up evenings with Eva Braun
  • Hitler had shocking table manners, gorged on cake and suffered flatulence, reveals never-before-seen profile
  • The Hitler Swastickers: Forget football heroes, this collector’s album only had one star
  • Hitler wanted to steal the Turin Shroud – ‘but was thwarted by the Vatican’
  • Did Hitler shake hands with black 1936 Olympic hero Jesse Owens after all?
  • ‘Hitler was the perfect boss’: Former maid breaks her silence on the ‘charming’ dictator
  • Did Hitler unleash the Holocaust because a Jewish prostitute gave him syphilis?
  • Revealed: How an imprisoned Hitler wrote to a Mercedes dealership begging for a car loan
  • Why Hitler told Luftwaffe: Blackpool must be spared

So the Daily Mail is not Hitler obsessed then.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 26th June 2011

    I think that lines sometimes have to be drawn but would ebay ban a history book that explored Hitler’s record in Chapter 17? Course not. Ebay is run by silly arses. When you see all the Hitler headlines together you realise what an awful and hypocritical newspaper the Daily Mail really is!

  • Mr Parrot 27th June 2011

    The whole thing is a bit weird. I came across this video on You Tube that shows the Hitler doll in all its glory. But note how the various swastikas are smudged out. It seems it’s okay to venerate the man, but not the symbol!

    And wait for the sales pitch at the end, bemoaning eBay’s intolerance. Apparently these figures are much sought after by miltary historians the world over, bot the company “does not endorse Hitler or the Nazi party in any form whatsoever”. I’m sure Eva is gutted.


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