Cool to be Filthy

Washing LineIt seems that summer may have come and gone. After what seems like months of wet weather, the sky turned blue yesterday and the temperature climbed to 30° and thoughts turned to barbeques and paddling pools.

It was the same this morning, but now it has clouded over, the humidity has risen and it is threatening rain again and everyone is saying that it is like being in a sauna which of course it isn’t.

This weather reminds me more of attending my kids’ school swimming gala. Ranks of parents in crowded seating around the pool in winter attire with condensation on the inside of their waterproofs and rivulets of sweat trickling down their spines.

Which brings me to my theory why we should have such high humidity when other places get ‘dry heat’ and it’s all down to hygiene and laundry.

No sooner does the mercury rise than we leap into the shower to swill ourselves down and release clouds of steam into the atmosphere. No only that but we change our clothes three or four times a day and hammer the washing machine and then hang them out to dry releasing yet more water into the air.

So if you think “it’s like being in a sauna” then forget the personal hygiene and don’t change your clothes. Either that or go around naked.


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  • Yorkshire Pudding 27th June 2011

    Animals go naked so why can’t we – during hot weather especially? It would make sense. Female shop assistants would say “How can I help you sir?” but the answer would be obvious. Or she might say pointedly, “There’s no bar code so I can’t scan it”. Ding-dong – “Rita! From the meat department required at checkout!”

  • Jennyta 27th June 2011

    You thinking of setting up a naturist colony then, SP? 😉


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