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RantI’m beginning to wonder whether the government is determined to save money on my ‘gold-plated’ pension by ensuring that the BBC drives me to an early grave.

Each morning I wake up happy and refreshed ready to greet the day only to have my mood shattered by an interview with someone who is clearly barking mad that has me shouting at the radio, sending my blood pressure through the roof.

Yesterday it was Councillor Paul Bartlett who wants to introduce a by-law to ban smoking entirely from the town of Stony Stratford and ultimately the whole of Milton Keynes. I’ve gone to great trouble to post the interview here:

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His justification for the proposed ban is threefold because: 1. smokers are depositing their saliva in the cigarette butts; 2. they are burning the eyes from toddlers by holding cigarettes at buggy height and; 3. the council will save money by not paying for discarded cigarette ends to be cleaned up.

What does he think smokers do with their ciggies? Suck them like lollipops? And if saliva is so offensive, does that mean a ban on chewing gum? And no gobbing football players at MK Dons?

As for the toddlers, I did a Google search and couldn’t find any case of one receiving ocular burns by a carelessly held cigarette, so this is hardly a major health and safety risk that requires legislation.

And we don’t really think that the council employs a man with pan and brush just to sweeps up dog ends do we?

Okay, so I’m a smoker and biased, but aren’t these the most spurious reasons for a draconian law? I always sad that the ban on smoking public was but the beachhead in the war by the nannies against the taxpayers and it seems I was right.

Then this morning it was Glenda Jackson MP who was getting her unisex knickers in a knot because she’s discovered that women MPs are barred from joining the House of Commons football team and has sponsored an early day motion demanding that the FA be summoned to the Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport to explain itself.

Again I’ve gone to great trouble and expense to record the interview:

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The thing is, Glenda hasn’t a clue about football and only took it upon herself to be offended when it was brought to her attention by fellow MP, Tracey Crouch (no relation) who fancies herself as a bit of a right winger. Well she is a tory.

And Glenda wasn’t mounting her high horse on behalf of women in general, just those who happen to be members of parliament and like sticking the boot in. Which would be all of them.

I’m delighted to say that her EDM has just one signature to date — Glenda’s — and the chances of it going any further are slimmer than a supermodel with an eating disorder, leaving that august chamber to discuss more serious matters.

Like making sure women (and men) working in the public sector still have a decent pension to look forward to.

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  • Jennyta 1st July 2011

    Couldn’t agree more, SP – on all counts.


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