Murray’s Mound of Pain

Andy MurrayPoor Andy Murray. The great white hope wiped out and we have to wait yet another year for the next Fred Perry. But look on the bright side Andy. At least you can go back to being Scottish instead of a Brit.

Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy watching tennis on the telly, as long as it’s for no more than two weeks a year, and at least Murray maintained the interest of the nation until nearly the end which is better than we usually get.

Something that has been puzzling me though is why do the players bounce the ball so many times before they serve? Is it ritual, or is there a purpose?

The commentators have taken to counting them: “He bounces the ball one – two – three – four – five – six – seven times. And it’s out. Second serve.”

And apparently Djokovic bounces his balls more times if he’s nervous. So what is the point?

Mrs P suggests that it’s to check the bounciness of each particular ball, but they’re all the bloody same. It’s not as if the dog has got hold of one and given it a good chewing.

Come to think of it, serving a ball with a split seam could be a heck of an advantage because it would simply float over the net in slow motion and roll to a wobbly halt a few feet on the other side leaving the other player looking pretty silly stood way back next to the royal box.

But seriously, is it any wonder that the average tennis match takes four hours to complete what with all that ball bouncing, toilet breaks, the towelling down between points and the product placement camera shots for Robinsons Barley Water which we all know is as foreign to Nadal as winning Wimbledon is to a British number one.

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