Rebekah the Hack

Rebekah Brooks demonstrates her phone hacking skilllsWords fail me over the latest News of the World phone hacking scandal. It has been pretty obvious this illegal activity has been going on under the guise of “public interest”, but hacking the mobile of a murder victim beggars belief.

I’m with those who are calling for a public inquiry because I find it hard to believe that this practice isn’t widespread among the print media being driven to desperate measures to boost their failing fortunes.

And a halt needs to be called on Rupert Murdoch’s bid to buy out BSkyB — if it does go ahead it can only prove for certain that the present government is in the pocket of News International.

What really gets up my nose though is the “it wasn’t me guv” attitude of those ultimately responsible. Rebekah Brooks says it is inconceivable that she knew of the Dowler hacking.

That may be so, but if a government department fails, doesn’t the media demand the head of the minister? And if a hospital fails, don’t they demand the resignation of the chief executive?

The same rules should be applied here, and quickly.

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  • @rebekah_thehack 11th July 2011


  • Mr Parrot 12th July 2011

    Thanks for calling. I thought you’d be far too busy at the moment. Love to Rupe.


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