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Last News of the WorldI left it late to buy the Sunday papers today, going to the shop about lunchtime. All the way there I wondered: would I or wouldn’t I? Would I buy a copy of the News of the World or not?

One part of me figured I would be tainted by it and yet another voice whispered, “Yes, but this is a historic event.  A national institution commiting suicide.”

That’s what it is, of course — a red top topping itself. I’ve seen newspapers disappear before, but always because they didn’t have enough readers or advertising revenue to be viable. The Daily Sketch in 1971, Today in 1995 and the short-lived North West Enquirer in 2006, but NoW is the best selling paper in the UK.

In the end, I decided that I would buy a copy if there were any left — it was late as I said. And I thought the decision had been made for me when there were no copies on shelf, then I turned round and saw two stacks about two feet deep next to the counter and a similar quantity by the door. So I confess, I bought a copy which I shall put away somewhere unread.

There is much speculation that Murdoch has a plan B to replace it with a Sunday version of  The Sun, yet it still seems a drastic step to end 168 years of publishing just like that. You wonder how much dirt Rebekah Brooks must have on the company to survive when NoW was thrown away.

In the interview below, Rupert Murdoch says he refuses to throw “innocent people under the bus”. That would be the News of the World bus his son and Rebekah Brooks have just pushed over a cliff with several hundred News International employees on board?

Still, good to know that the crossword compilers had the last laugh.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 11th July 2011

    My nana always took the News of the World. She read it for years from the twenties onwards. I never liked the paper. Even its football coverage was rubbish but how sad that a genuine British institution has had to die under and because of the greedy, megalomaniacal control of an Australian egotist whose overarching moral message to News International staff seems to have been – we can do whatever we want as long as it makes money…Murdoch = Scum of the Earth.

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 11th July 2011

    Ahahahahahaha!!! Those sneaky crossword compilers!! It’s worth the last copy of the paper just for that! I’d want to frame both crosswords, together with the answers and a few choice news articles detailing the whole sorry story, for posterity.

    Make sure you get anti-UV glass on that frame. Don’t want the paper going all yellow now, do we? 😉

  • Mr Parrot 11th July 2011

    YP: NoW was a bit like other institutions — you don’t need to see them, just to know they are there.

    Jay: I’m not sure I’d have been any good at compiling clues for that particular cross word — Rebekah Brooks (rhymes with hat) 4 letters.

    As for the anti-UV, the magic of NoW will never fade!


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