Fraud or Blagging?

Things keep on wriggling from under the upturned News Corp rock. Obtaining people’s financial and property details by deception according to the reports.

The journos would ring up building societies and others pretending to be someone else so they could wheedle the information out of an unsuspecting employee. In the trade they call it “blagging“.

Funny that. If M J M’aada Jeda, a lawyer from Nigeria, tries the same thing in an email, it’s called “fraud“. And if a crook does it in the UK, it’s “identity theft“.

The media is always quick to point the finger at organisations that use euphemisms to hide sinister intent. Isn’t calling it “blagging” the same thing?

Are we meant to think that it’s just them being clever? Jack the Lad Journo having a bit of a lark?

Those journos, eh? What jokers. So why is nobody laughing?

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 12th July 2011

    Democracy is a treasure. News International have abused it. They deserve to be crucified like a giant inflatable Gerald Ratner.

  • Mr Parrot 12th July 2011

    Newspaper owners have swayed the democratic process for a very long time. The problem here is the ethical muddle the journos have got themselves in.

    Would it be okay by the public if someone hacked Rupert Murdoch’s phone to prove he was a double-dealing scumbag? Or do we only get upset if it’s an ‘innocent’ victim?

    See Freelance Unbound for a taste of moral contortions journos are twisting themselves into.

    If anything positive comes out of this mess


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