Z is for Zetland Street

Zetland StreetI have very fond memories of this house on Zetland Street in Dukinfield. It was the home of my Grand-aunt Alice, sister of my maternal grandmother, and her husband, Uncle Charlie.

We were regular visitors when I was young and could look forward to some of the best home baking prepared by Auntie Alice in her Aga style cooker.

My favourite was ‘fat cake’ that was made using any excess pastry from the pies and was filled with currants and sultanas. Best served still warm from the oven and slathered in butter.

The other thing I enjoyed was the garden which seemed huge to me at the time. You can see from this this Streetview image how it wrapped around and to the side of the house and the raised sheds at the back were where Charlie kept chickens and grew tomatoes.

A ZetlandI’m not sure how Zetland Street got its name. I can’t imagine it came from the zebroid cross between a zebra and a Shetland pony, known as a Zetland, but it may offer a clue.

Zetland is the archaic spelling of the Scottish island of Shetland and it is likely that the street is named after the Earls and Marquesses of Zetland who also gave their name to that suburb of Sydney in New South Wales.

The earls and marquesses were members of the Dundas family and, although Scottish by descent, their estate was Aske Hall in Yorkshire, so fittingly for ABC Wednesday, my last post in this round takes us from Zetland to Aske and neatly from Z to A.

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  • Carver 13th July 2011

    Great memories and it looks like a very attractive house.

  • VioletSky 13th July 2011

    You have a well rounded history included here!

  • rog 13th July 2011

    It’s always fascinating to discover the derivation of place names.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  • Leslie 13th July 2011

    First of all, thanks for dropping by and letting me know about the connection between Zulu and Gladiator. I’ll have to check that out (I have both movies!). Love your photo and your comments about memories of the street. Have a great week,

    abcw team

  • Oakland Daily Photo 13th July 2011

    Someone else posted “zorse” — a cross between a zebra and a horse. Ah, the varieties of Nature.

  • Sylvia Kirkwood 13th July 2011

    What a lovely post for the Z Day! And such lovely memories! Love the history! Thank you for sharing with us! Hope your week is off to a good start! Enjoy!

    ABC Team

  • Reader Wil 13th July 2011

    There are those places in the world that are filled with memories. There are these happy places which bring back the friendly faces, the smell of good cooking, the laughter of the children playing in the garden. Those places are precious and worth to showing. Thank you for sharing!

  • Mr Parrot 13th July 2011

    Thanks for stopping by everyone.

    Leslie, for confirmation of the Zulu/Gladiator connection, see here and here.

  • Ann 13th July 2011

    I always learn new things on Wednesday visiting all the interesting posting. It sounds like you had a lovely childhood, with nice memories of your family.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 13th July 2011

    “slathered”! What a great word! I must note it and use it at the next suitable opportunity. Perhaps at the next upmarket five star restaurant I visit!… “I say waiter, could one make sure that one’s ciabatta roll is slathered in salted butter and also make sure one’s jacket potato is slathered with sour cream? There’s a good chappie now chop chop!”

  • magiceye 13th July 2011

    looks beautiful!
    a lovely take!

  • Meryl 13th July 2011

    Interesting how foods so often intensify memories.

  • Nonizamboni 13th July 2011

    Wonderful memories of a Z street–do you make fat cake on occasion?

  • Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio 14th July 2011

    I had to Google ‘sultana’ as it’s not familiar to me (small white grape). Those cakes sound delicious and I can only imagine the fond memories you have there on Zetland St.!

  • Jama 14th July 2011

    That’s a very lovely house!


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