Death by PowerPoint

Death by PowerPointI sat through many poor presentations in my office days. They were particularly tiresome at the end of a long day of presentations — the graveyard shift — when your brain had been beaten into submission by endless slides.

The problem with PowerPoint is the PowerPointers themselves who use their slides as a crutch to help them through the ordeal of presenting to an audience.

I include myself in this. Why fear drying up or losing your place in your notes when you have your very own cue cards on screen?

It  makes everyone think they are a skilled presenter when they’re not and sucks all the life out of even the most interesting subject matter.

You can see this from the slides that the  speaker has “shared” after the meeting. They are completely meaningless out of context and jog not a single memory.

That’s why I’m delighted to support the Anti PowerPoint Party. We must spread the word — indeed I’m working on my bullet points and pie charts right now!

But if you are still part of the PP world, here is Don McMillan with a few pointers on how not to do PowerPoint.

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  • john gray 21st July 2011

    a cracking blog
    short and pithy posts
    no waffle!

  • Mr Parrot 22nd July 2011

    Thanks John, most kind. You must be psychic though because I was visiting your blog just last night.

  • Jennyta 22nd July 2011

    I have sat through so many DFES (or whatever they call themselves these days) powerpoints. Brilliant!

  • Francisca 22nd July 2011

    I’ve long been a fan of Presentation Zen and lately of 🙂

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 22nd July 2011

    Oh, my, goodness. You’ve read my mind. I sat through a Power Point presentation spread over five weeks (yes, FIVE WEEKS), recently. You’ll never guess what for?

    It was supposed to help me deal with stress!!


    (*Cue sound of tearing hair*)


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