Rin Tin Tin’s Tin

Rin Tin TinThis is a those questions that has been bugging me for some considerable time — why are dog food tins so much tougher than human food tins?

This is unlikely to have occurred to you if a) you don’t have a dog; b) if you do, it isn’t fed on tinned food; c) if it is, you don’t recycle the empties and d) if you answer yes to the above, but you don’t own a can crusher.

We have one of these crushers, picked up for a very reasonable £2 from the church thrift shop, and it’s very easy to use, except when collapsing dog food cans. You really have to apply your weight to get them to go flat.

Things like baked bean, soup and corned beef cans flatten with the lightest of touches, so I come back to my question: why does dog food (and cat food for all I know) require so much more solid protection?

I wondered if it was something to do with the longevity of the dog meat: does it have to last longer in the tin? Here’s my scientific survey of best before dates of tins selected at random from the cupboard:

  • Butcher’s “New Look, Same Great Recipe” Fresh Tripe Mix — Sep 2013 (dog food ‘control’ can)
  • Baxter’s Lentil and Bacon Soup — Sep 2013
  • Green Giant Original Sweet Niblets —  Jul 2014
  • Limited Edition Spam with Real Bacon — Mar 2014

Bang goes that theory. The vexing thing is that I can’t think of another one, unless it’s that dogs can chew their way into tins that aren’t armour plated.

Suggestions are welcomed. Never let it be said that I don’t address the burning questions of the day.

Editor’s note: Rin Tin Tin was named after a puppet that French children gave to the American soldiers for good luck during World War One. Not a lot of people know that.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 29th July 2011

    Life is full of mysteries from the Bermuda Triangle to Stonehenge and from Lord Lucan to William Hague. The toughness of dog food cans is also unexplainable so just relax and accept it.

  • Roger Green 29th July 2011

    It has to do with creating an aerobic activity for the owner so that the owner will be healthy enough to take care of said dog or cat.

    Or something.

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 29th July 2011

    It’s an interesting question! I had noticed, but only subconsciously. You’re right, they are a LOT tougher than people-food tins!

    Perhaps it has to be cooked at a much higher temperature?


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