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Knight WarriorI never really understood why superheroes need to wear a cape. It’s not as if they should feel the cold or anything, but perhaps its just vanity wear, theatrically billowing behind them.

Not that I’ve met many superheroes, but they do exist as you can see from the photo of Knight Warrior with his sidekick, Check Hoodie Man who is demonstrating his ability to morph his fingers into the shape of a pistol.

Knight Warrior (aka gardener Roger Hayhurst) patrols the mean streets of Salford helping little old ladies across the road, rescuing cats from trees and striking fear into the hearts of local gang lords.

Below is an interview he gave to the Daily Planet Manchester Evening News which also captures his super powers on film. See him:

  • Talk out of sync;
  • Leap a park bench in a single bound;
  • Kapow Mr Invisible;
  • Swoop to collect a criminally discarded cola bottle;
  • Peer around trees using his special peeking power;
  • Use a handrail to descend steps;
  • Move faster than a speeding ticket.

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  • john gray 1st August 2011

    that estate looks quite quite charming

    gawd help us

  • Yorkshire Pudding 1st August 2011

    Your secret is out sir! Where did you get that blue suit from and how long have you lived at The Fountains Private Nursing Home? Make sure the police don’t see you using your special peeking power as this could be an arrestable offence!

  • john gray 1st August 2011

    can you change my avatar
    I look too angry

  • Mr Parrot 2nd August 2011

    Sorry John, the Gravatars are chosen at random (ie nothing to do with me) but you can create your own here or by following the link in the message that should appear when you leave your name and email. Hope that helps


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