C is for Coca-Cola Crates, Chacma, Carmichael and Craven

Can I complete the whole of Round 9 of ABC Wednesday based on our four week stay in South Africa in February? Click on the photos to enlarge.

Coca-Cola CratemanThis was one of my favourite sights in Cape Town, a “statue” made entirely out of Coca-Cola crates, 4,200 of them to be precise.

The Crate Fan stands 18 metres high and can be found at the Victoria and Alfred waterfront where it was built to celebrate the 2010 World Cup.

Now it is used to promote recycling which Capetonians and very keen on. Understandable if you live by the sea and the next stop south is Antarctica..

Cape of Good HopeBut for even more spectacular scenery, it hard to beat the Cape Peninsula itself. On the right is a photo taken at the Cape of Good Hope, the most south-westerly point of Africa.

It is a wild place and the explorer Bartolomeu Dias originally named it Cabo das Tormentas (Cape of Tempests), but it was renamed Cabo da Boa Esperança, (Cape of Good Hope), by John II of Portugal in an early example of salesman’s spin.

Chacma BaboonAt Cape Point you’ll find this statue of a Chacma Baboon with its youngster riding on its back.

They are unusual in having developed a taste for seafood and are pretty clever as they have learned to chew or suck kaolin clay when they have an upset stomach.

But they are in danger of extinction because of people feeding them. As the plaque explains:

“To feed a baboon is to sign its death warrant, as sooner or later it will become a problem and have to be destroyed. This disturbs the social structure and behaviour of the troop.”

And that would be a sad end for a most engaging creature.

Craven & Dunnill TilesFinally, our base for the duration of our stay was the excellent Carmichael Guest House in Rosebank. Built in 1901, it is a fine example Victorian design with its stained glass, wooden floors and the tiled hall pictured right.

It transpired that the tiles were manufactured by Craven & Dunnill in Shropshire, England, and exported to SA. The company is sadly no more, but their work can be seen in many English churches, including Chester and Shrewsbury Cathedrals.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 3rd August 2011

    An interesting post (as usual) but one thing that bothers me is this – with all those crates being used to make “Crate Fan” where the hell have all the bottles of Coca Cola gone? Washed out to Antarctica no doubt!

  • Leslie 3rd August 2011

    What a cool statue! I, too, am wondering where the coke went! I’m thirsty just thinking about it. lol

    abcw team

  • Ann 3rd August 2011

    Amazing statue.

  • VioletSky 3rd August 2011

    This is a cool statue! I have always wanted to see Cape Town.

  • Mr Parrot 3rd August 2011

    Thanks all. As I mentioned, Capetonians are keen on recycling and that seems to be what happens to the plastic bottles. But they also use glass bottles and still operate a returnable deposit system that seems to work well and perhaps we should think of reintroducing the idea.

  • Joy 3rd August 2011

    The coca cola statue is fascinating, almost looks like a skyscraper building in the photo. That would be a cool place to live. Great photos, the Cape looks lovely.

  • Nanka 3rd August 2011

    Amazing statue and thanks for that little tour in SAfrica. The pictures are excellent and interesting information too!!

  • Carver 3rd August 2011

    The statue is so much fun. Very interesting and informative post and great shots.

  • Helen Mac 3rd August 2011

    I congratulate you on your cornucopia of C’s! And I promise never to feed a Chacma.
    ABC Team

  • aka Penelope 3rd August 2011

    You have a potpourri of “C” words here but the crate statue really captured my attention. There is no end to the things mankind will do in the name of art. A perfectly fine way of recycling AND should there be a shortage of crates one day we’ll know exactly where to look. 🙂

  • Dishita 3rd August 2011

    that’s an interesting piece of art!

  • Jo Bryant 3rd August 2011

    Wow – different that’s for sure.

  • Roger Green 3rd August 2011

    Cokalicious. Things go better with statue.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 4th August 2011

    I wish people would understand that (with few exceptions) feeding wild creatures is not a kindness, and may be dangerous in some cases!

    Love the Coke Fan – how enterprising!

  • Rajesh 4th August 2011

    That is done beautifully.

  • jabblog uk 4th August 2011

    I thought it was Lego! It must be quite a sight, though.

  • Meryl 4th August 2011

    That is one cool work of art. While not a coke fan, THIS I can support!

  • liz 5th August 2011

    Amazing statue!

    I’ve heard the cape is a fabulous place.


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