David Beckhomme

David BeckhamIs it just me or does anyone else find this ad for Homme by David Beckham a bit odd?

David hasn’t had a shave.

It’s like Matt Lucas advertising TRESemmé, natural tanning products by David Dickinson or L’Oréal by Ann ‘Beacuse I’m Worth It’ Widdecombe.

Or is David being ironic?

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  • Denise 7th August 2011

    He is a bit of a hunk though isn’t he? (swoon swoon)

  • rhymeswithplague 8th August 2011

    One doesn’t have to have a freshly shaved face to know there are places where one might want to dab a little sweet-smelling lotion. After all, one never knows where one might be sniffed…does one?

  • Birgitta - foto CHIP 9th August 2011

    They look the same all men selling their own perfume. Maybe they have the same stylist 😉

  • Anna 10th August 2011

    This is ironic indeed, but as a matter of fact after shave fragrances are used by unshaved men to smell good.


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