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Tribal ChiefI’ve written before about my unlikely fascination with the “What are you wearing?” feature in the Sunday Times Style magazine. (Unlikely given my fashion sense, or lack of it.)

I can’t make my mind up whether these are real people talking about how they dress in real life, or whether it’s someone having a laugh, but I’m pretty certain that this week’s contributor falls in the latter category.

That’s him above (click to enlarge). Twenty-six-year-old Charlie Partridge who says, “My advice would be to dress like you are a tribal chief. Don’t worry about what other people think, except for that small-minded minority who deserve to be provoked.”

Glad to know that I am in a minority.

He says that his signature look is “wishing I was in a folk band” and that “I have been sofa surfing since January, so what I wear is largely down to what I can find when I wake up, except for clean pants and socks.”

But it is opening remarks that nails the joke for me. “I was fiercely antifashion until I moved to London. It was a world of cool people who didn’t make me feel welcome.”

I feel sure that his photo was taken to poke fun at cosmopolitan pretensions. If it isn’t then I’d be worried if I were his dad.

That’s the thing about fashion — you only ever see people dressed like that in fashion magazines and catwalk photos, never on the street or at the supermarket.

So I give you a second photo that I came across the other day. Two pit brow girls in the clothes they wore when clearing coal at the top of a pit in Wigan that might pass as stylish fashion today.

The girl on the left looks particularly glamorous and she could have appeared in “What are you wearing?” without the editor batting an eyelid.

“I like to mix my styles. The shawl adds an air of mystery, while its tartan design hints at my colourful personality and chequered past.

“And the wooden clogs are a must for travelling on the Tube. Rush hour crowds can be brutal and a steel toecap in the shin tells people that I’m a rebel who can kick back.

“My advice is to dress as a pit brow lass and don’t worry what people think. The pointed end of my shovel usually puts them right.”

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  • john gray 8th August 2011

    I go for the eclectic look too ( plus dollops of hen shit and pig manure)


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