Jam Tomorrow

Apricot JamVirtue is its own reward we’re told, but once in a while it has it’s more tangible recompense as I found the other day.

Our elderly neighbour has an apricot tree that overhangs our garden in the direction of the sun and it was becoming loaded with fruit that were beginning to fall.

Obviously the birds don’t like apricots because they had left them alone, unlike the plums which the blackbirds seem to be particularly partial to, so we decided to pick them before they all became rotten.

The apricots were sweet and delicious, but we only tried one or two. I took the rest, a carrier bag full, to our neighbour. Two days later she presented me with the jar of apricot jam pictured above.

Jam-making isn’t part of my skill-set, as Human Resources would put it, so I was delighted. Toast anyone?

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  • Roger Green 9th August 2011

    As Bob Marley might have said, “You be jammin'”

  • Reader Wil 9th August 2011

    Great idea ! I would have done exactly the same! Good on you!

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 9th August 2011

    Oh, excellent!! I do love apricots, so would probably have eaten some raw, but you did a good thing by taking them back ‘home’, and yes – you had your reward!

    Mmm! Apricot jam! Did she add some almonds, as my Mum used to do?

  • Mr Parrot 9th August 2011

    I don’t think there are almonds in it, at least I can’t taste it. Just lots of sugar!


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