No S**t Sherlock

I’m not sure how much this ‘advice’ is costing us, but here’s a definite contender for the ‘Specialist Subject: The Bleedin’ Obvious’ award for 2011. From the opening paragraph of this Telegraph report:

Bill Bratton, the former New York police chief, said many young people, especially gang members, had been “emboldened” by over-cautious policing tactics and lenient sentencing policies.’

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 13th August 2011

    I like the B/B format of Bratton’s name. It should be adopted here… Colin Cameron, Carlton Clegg, Rory Rhodes, Percy Pudding etc.. I hope he enjoys his holiday in England. The one message he will be able to get across to Colin is that you need cops and you’d be an utter fool to just focus on “criminality”. Colin has a lot to learn, including the Eton Boating Song:-
    Jolly boating weather,
    And a hay harvest breeze,
    Blade on the feather,
    Shade off the trees,
    Swing swing together,
    With your bodies between your knees,
    Swing swing together,
    With your bodies between your knees.

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 13th August 2011

    I think a straw poll in any town centre across Britain would have told them the same thing – with the added benefit that the general public might feel that they were actually being listened to!

  • Jennyta 13th August 2011

    No doubt we taxpayers have spent exorbitant amounts of money for this man to tell us what anyone with an ounce (sorry – gram!) of sense would regard as blindingly obvious!


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