Fancy a Qwiki?

I was messing around on the web, like you do, and came across this Qwiki thing which is designed to pull together information and images to create a presentation on any given subject.

We are the first to turn information into an experience. We believe that just because data is stored by machines doesn’t mean it should be presented as a machine-readable list. Let’s try harder.

That’s what they say, and they will have to try even harder. It may not be a ‘machine readable list’, but it surely sounds like a machine doing the reading.

But maybe I shouldn’t be too critical — this is the alpha version after all — and it does sound like a fun place to work.

It is not unlike iWise which takes a similarly popular approach to clever quotations and  no doubt both are hoping to be the next Google or Wiki.

I decided to put it to the test with my Shearwater question from yesterday. The good news was that it is one of Qwiki’s three million subjects, with several sub-pages. The bad news is, it didn’t answer my question.

And I’m not quite sure what to make of the ‘taxonomy of Procellariidae’ being in ‘a state of flux’.

View Shearwater and over 3,000,000 other topics on Qwiki.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 16th August 2011

    Having studied your blogging history in detail I have concluded that you belong to the genus “Puffinus” like most Manchester men.

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 17th August 2011

    If she says it’s in a state of flux I suppose I’ll have to believe her .. but has anyone told the Procelleriidae that? Do they know??

    It’s clever technnology, but no, it’s not quite there yet, is it?


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