History on Your Doorstep

Well almost. If anyone has missed it, the annual Heritage Open Days are coming up in September when all sort of buildings open the doors for free.

I’ve taken advantage of them for the last two years and seen many places not normally open to the public, like the ruins of Dukinfield Old Hall pictured above.

The event runs over four days from 8th to 11th September and so far on my list I’ve got:

  • Behind the scenes at the People’s History Museum
  • Greater Manchester Police Museum
  • Emmeline Pankhurst’s House
  • A close-up of the John Ryland’s Library collection of ancient manuscripts
  • The 15th century Mottram Parish Church
  • Elizabeth Gaskell’s house
  • The Moravian Settlement in Droylsden
  • Museum of Transport

I’d quite like to see Dukinfield Old Hall again, but I’d don’t think I’ll be able to fit it in this year.

If you’re interested in finding out what is on in your area, visit the Heritage Open Days website.

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4 comments… Add yours
  • rog 18th August 2011

    way cool – what’s available in MY area?

  • Yorkshire Pudding 18th August 2011

    Thanks for the tip Ian. I shall certainly look into it.

  • john g 18th August 2011

    the older one gets the more interested I think we all become in history..
    what’s that all about eh?

  • Mr Parrot 18th August 2011

    I suspect it’s because we’re shuffling closer towards being history ourselves!


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