God, no!

Isn’t it great where the internet leads you? I started by watching a video of Tea Party politician Christine O’Donnell storming out of a Piers Morgan interview because he pressed her for her views on gay marriage and ended up watching a conversation about God.

It is an interview with Penn Jillette about his book, God, no!, and this provided me with answers to questions that I previously thought to be unanswerable.

One: that Penn, as in Penn and Teller, is a first name and not a second name as I always assumed.

Second: that Piers Morgan believes there is a power in the universe greater than himself which must have come as a shock to God.

God does indeed move in mysterious ways.

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  • Yorkshire Pudding 19th August 2011

    I praise the Lord that I am not Piers Morgan!

  • rog 19th August 2011

    I thought the odd thing about CO’D is that she seems to believe that she need only answer the questions SHE wanted to answer. I hear a lot about the liberal whining, but some of these Tea Party folks are terribly thin-skinned, and find any question not vetted by FOX News to be inherently hostile.


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