Apple of my Eye

ApplesIt’s a sure sign that autumn is coming when the apples in the garden are ready for picking, but in August? At this rate it will be spring by Christmas.

The apples are of the delicious Discovery variety — sweet and juicy. And all organic too since we tend to leave the tree to its own devices apart from the odd bit of pruning.

We do get quite a bumper crop and there are only so many apples you can eat, so lots get given away.

Last year, my nephew constructed an apple press using a car jack and blocks of wood and managed to squeeze more than a gallon of juice that he then fermented to make cider.

ApplesIt was quite a frab, what with all the labour, then adjusting the brew with various clearing chemicals and added sweetener before waiting three months before he could drink it. It would have been much easier and cheaper to buy a job lot of cans of White Lightning from the supermarket.

I’m not sure what we’ll do with them this year, perhaps set up a stall on the market.

Anyway, that the apple of my eye above — my daughter  with the pick of the crop.

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  • rog 23rd August 2011


  • Jay from The Depp Effect 24th August 2011

    We have the same phenomenon here with our ancient little apple tree of unknown variety. The apples are all picked, having started to fall on their own about two weeks ago! I couldn’t believe it when I found they were ripe.

    I’ve processed as many as I could, I’ve given some away, we’ve eaten apple crumble till I fear I soon may not be able to fit into any of my clothes, and there are packs of apple-pie filling in the freezer.

    But … as you say .. in August??? They’ve never been so early, but the upside is that there were hardly any Codling moth larvae in them this year.


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