Media War

GaddafiIn all the coverage of the situation in Libya, have you noticed how the media show that the elusive Gaddafi is not just a bad person, but that he’s the devil incarnate?

He always has those black, glassy eyes you always associate with horror movies when someone has been taken over by an evil spirit, or maybe an alien.

There are no whites at all . I’m sure that Photoshop must now have a demonic possession tool alongside its red-eye reduction.

The other thing I’ve noticed is the film of the insurgents/rebels/opposition running round with assault rifles and stuff while dressed in shorts, t-shirts, baseball caps and flip-flops.

Meanwhile, the reporters are shown in full body armour, flak jackets and Kevlar helmets as they hunker down behind shell-pocked ruins.

How come the media is better equipped than the people doing the fighting and dying?After all, people with qualifications in media studies are ten a penny, so why not give the bullet-proof stuff to those who are doing the actual rebelling?

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  • rog 26th August 2011

    the American leadership has always done that, and the American press has always followed suit Noriega in Nicaragua, Khomeni and I’m-a-dinner-jacket in Iran, what’ss his face in Panama, Castro in Cuba. Interestingly, the thugs who were our friends in Iran, Panama, Cuba, not so bad.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 26th August 2011

    Haw! Haw! The point you make about reporters and body armour etc is cleverly observed. Haw! Haw! (Not to be confused with the manner in which female Manchester United supporters are greeted at other grounds).


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