Day Two

Mottram Air CrashJust to prove that I have been busier than usual, I thought I’d post one or two photos I took yesterday on my Heritage Open Day jaunts, in between all the usual Saturday errands.

First up on the left is one I took in Mottram where I’d gone to visit the parish church. It’s actually further down, near the cemetery, and shows the memorial to a young Polish pilot who was killed nearby in 1942.

Gaskell Dining RoomThe second photo is of the dining room at Elizabeth Gaskell’s house at Plymouth Grove in Manchester.

Click to enlarge and you will see that it is badly in need of restoration which will hopefully happen as part of the ongoing work of the Friends of Plymouth Grove.

I will no doubt write more about each at some point.

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  • Mildred 11th September 2011

    Elizabeth Gaskell’s house seems a very nice house! I’m glad it will be restored! It’s a pity to see beautiful buildings falling to crumbles!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    ¤ Have a nice and happy week ¤


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