Mutton or Lamb?

I discovered a long time ago that if you have a competitive nature, it is best to avoid auctions. It’s just too easy to get carried away with the bidding.

We used to go to a regular Saturday morning auction in Stalybridge over 20 years ago which is where I bought the gramophone on the left.

I’d set my heart on it for no other reason than it reminded me of the wind-up gramophone we used to have when I was a youngster and figured I could pick it up cheaply. Except someone else had the same idea.

I leapt in with a bid of £10 thinking that would secure it when a woman began the bidding war. ‘Well if you want it that badly,’ I thought, ‘then I want it even worse.’

And that’s why I ended up paying £55 for it which came as a surprise for the auctioneer who must have wondered whether I knew something about its worth than he did.

As you can see, I also have some 78rpm records now as well. On the turntable above is Randolph Turpin’s Victory Calypso by Lord Kitchener from 1951.

For that reason, I’ve tended to avoid eBay on the grounds that I’d only end up paying over the odds for things. I know you can save money and I have bought stuff from the site that doesn’t involve bidding, such as the PC I’m working on right now which I bought from an eBay dealer and saved around £400, but I’ve steered clear of being drawn into a bidding frenzy. Until today.

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a pancake lens for my camera — really useful for shooting in low-light conditions — and spotted one on eBay and put in a bid. I then made a determined effort to forget about it, sure that I would be outbid in the closing seconds.

But I wasn’t. When I checked today, I found I was the soon to be proud owner of the 14mm lens, saving myself around £75.

The bad news is that I also put in a bid on a telephoto lens which is still winning, so I could end up having two extra lenses. And I haven’t told Mrs P of this potential significant dent in the household budget as she is away for the weekend.

One lens I might get away with, but two may be pushing it. I shall find out soon if I’m to be hung for a sheep or a lamb.

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  • rog 18th September 2011

    psst…don’t tell her…

  • Yorkshire Pudding 18th September 2011

    If Mrs Parrots can go swanning off for a mucky weekend with her Cheshire beau, then surely you can bag yourself a couple of budget lenses!


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