Faking It

When I was looking back at my posts about jokes yesterday, included was this one from 2004 when the Mirror got itself in terrible trouble for publishing faked photos of the supposed torture of Iraqi prisoners.

The unintended consequence of this incident was that the sacked Piers Morgan was released on an unsuspecting world to follow his smug television career, but a precedent had been set — that an editor could lose his job for publishing fake photos.

So where does that leave the editor of the Daily Mail? Splashed across the back page on Monday was an image of Fernando Torres with his head in his hands after his ‘worst miss ever’ against Man United on Sunday.

The photo purports to show the home crowd in the background laughing and jeering at his goal gaffe, but does it? Nando’s tormentors don’t seem to be quite in proportion.

Also, the background is sharp and focused, as is Nando, while David de Gea in the middle ground is slightly fuzzy. But the clincher for me that the photo has been fiddled with is the man in the crowd that I’ve framed above.

His head is way too big for his body so it seems that not only has the Mail married two photos together, they’ve also cut and pasted people’s heads to make the crowd’s reaction look even more mirthful than it already was.

And now that I’ve voiced my suspicions, you can click and enlarge the whole image to see what I mean.

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  • Reader Wil 24th September 2011

    Remarkable what people do to be interesting at the cost of others.
    Thanks for your comment. It all went very satisfying at the court room.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 24th September 2011

    The man with the big head lives in Atherton where he is a heating engineer. You will often see his van tootling around with Howard Dumpty Ltd. emblazoned on the side. His friends call him Humpty.


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