How Beautifully Leaves Grow Old

Autumn LeafThe signs are all around us that the seasons are turning. Left is a water filled leaf, one of many I came across this morning as I took advantage of the good weather to stroll through the Moravian Settlement in Droylsden.

Not to mention the kids being back at school. It felt a little like that this morning as our daughter prepared for her first day at Manchester University where she will be studying for her MA in TEFL.

I did suggest we take a photo of her in her new ‘uniform’ as we used to at the start of every school year, but she declined the invitation.

That how I ended up at the Moravian Settlement, calling in on my way back from dropping her off in town.

But the real sign that autumn is coming is the appearance of the Christmas shopping aisles in the supermarkets.

In fact, the commercial assault began well before summer was officially over and I have to confess that I succumbed two weeks ago and bought a tub of mince pie ice-cream just to see what it was like. (Very nice, since you ask.)

Not that I condone this sort of thing. There nothing wrong with getting ready for the festive season by buying something every week, but some retailers take it too far.

For example, we were in Marks & Spencer’s yesterday and among other items, they were selling traditional, deep-filled mince pies. Best before date? 3rd October 2011.

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  • Katherine 30th September 2011

    Hmmm… We don’t get that flavour here. But as a substitute, I highly recommend ‘Rush Munro’s’ Feijoa Icecream. Now that is superb.


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