A Grand Day Out

As I mentioned on Tuesday, the weather has been glorious — about the only glimpse of summer we’ve had this year — that I set all other plans aside and took myself out for the day.

I’ve been meaning to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a very long time and never got round to it. It was reading Yorkie’s post on the subject last month that reminded me of what I might be missing.

So armed with my camera bag and Tom Tom, I hopped in the car for the hour long drive across the Pennines to Wakefield.

My reactions might not have become as dulled as I thought them to be because I managed to turn into the car park when I saw the YSP sign, even though I had only twenty yards or so to slow down and execute the manoeuvre. I soon discovered the reason why.

I had turned too early and found myself in the car park at the edge of the sculpture park with just a couple of coaches and a few other cars for company. But I decided that that is where I would begin my exploration. I mean, how far could it be to the main entrance?

Quite a long way as it turned out. I don’t know if Yorkie made the same mistake, but we both seem to have photographed the same ruined tree (above right) that stands beside the path that takes you towards the main building.

That took me through Henry Moore’s field as you can see from the photo above left. Oval with Points he called it. Very literal was Henry.

I’m a pessimist where the weather is concerned and failed to heed Mrs P’s warning that it was to get ‘very hot indeed’ and so was dressed in jeans, stout shoes, t-shirt and over shirt.

As a result, I was red-faced and panting by the time I reached the top of the hill. ‘Sweatin’ like a racehorse’ as they say in these parts.

But I was rewarded by the Jaume Plensa sculpture above right which stands at the entrance to the park proper.

I had hoped to find the place quiet mid-week, but it was busy, mostly with coachloads of college art students who seemed alternately bored and pretentious.

They also got in the way of my camera and more Jaume Plensa sculptures and I’ve had to Photoshop them out of the image above left.

If I’m honest, I’m no great art critic. I was quite taken with the Plensa sculptures, but it probably says a lot about my artistic tastes that my favourites included the rabbit woman on the right.

I’m not sure what it’s meant to mean. Shades of Donnie Darko?

I spent around three hours at the park and feel that I only scratched the surface. For example, I didn’t visit any of the gallery exhibits.

Which means I will have to go there again before too long, not that I’m complaining.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • rog 29th September 2011

    Glad you were able to set aside your plans, and go!

  • Mr Parrot 30th September 2011

    And hopefully I can get out again tomorrow while the good weather lasts!

  • Yorkshire Pudding 1st October 2011

    Err! What happened to my comment on this post? Was I censored?

  • Mr Parrot 1st October 2011

    I don’t censor comments as a rule and certainly not yours Yorkie. I’m not sure where it’s gone.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 1st October 2011

    Okay. Just to say I am pleased I inspired you to come across the border to visit the sculpture park but I am sorry you didn’t see Plensa’s indoor exhibits. Like you I also parked at the “wrong” car park because of poor signposting. I bet many visitors have done the same. (see – no swearing or insinuations about your parentage so I hope this gets through the censorship net this time)

  • Girly 3rd October 2011

    This is the first time I hear about these monuments. Honesty I am not a fan of modern art, but guys I think that these ones are really outstanding.


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