Not in my Nature

One of the best jobs in the world has to belong to those people who actually get paid to photograph and film for the Sunday supplements and wildlife programmes.

I appreciate that there must be downsides to it. There is the danger, of course. You can’t help but be impressed with the cameramen who risked life and limb to bring us such stunning images in Planet Dinosaur, for example.

Then there is the hardships of life in the desert or jungle just so David Attenborough can steal all the glory, but on the whole, it must be a very satisfying occupation.

And patience must definitely be a virtue in this game, not to mention a great deal of technical skills. Take the photo on the right, for example, showing Grey Herons about to alight on the water at Reddish Vale, not far from where I live.

It was taken by photo blogger, Terry Whittaker, and highly commended in the 2011 British Wildlife Photography Awards. He managed it with a remotely triggered camera and flash equipment to catch the reflections in the water. Beautiful.

All of which is a round about way of underlining my own lack of skill, patience and equipment, but I’m still pleased with my photo above of a garden spider taken this morning.

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  • john gray 3rd October 2011

    as a man than runs at the sight of an inch wide spider the prospect of photographing a real life dinosaur would put me in a rubber room!

  • Yorkshire Pudding 3rd October 2011

    I hate to break the news to you but no cameramen risked life and limb to make “Planet Dinosaur”. All the dinosaur images were computer generated! The dinosaurs became extinct thousands of years ago.

  • Mr Parrot 4th October 2011

    That’s where you’re wrong Yorkie. Haven’t you seen that documentary, Jurassic Park?

  • Yorkshire Pudding 4th October 2011

    Ohh, yeh – sorry! I wondered what had been taking stuff from our bird table in the middle of the night.


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