Odd Streak

I have few good things to say about the Daily Mail as rule. Its journalism is both partisan right-wing and sensational (a dangerous combination) and is written by people who think the world should be as it was in the 1950s.

They can also be misleading with their giveaways. ‘Free with tomorrow’s Daily Mail…’ splashed across the front page, followed by ‘Jamie Oliver Does DIY’ or ‘How We Won WWII in Technicolor DVD’.

Except it isn’t. To get your free gift, you have to take a voucher to Tesco or Eason (what the bloody hell is Eason?) and who wants to do that?

Then there is the This England column, an outlet for middle-class gripes about the world masquerading as wit and wisdom. And poking fun foreigners and the amusing mistakes they make in English.

But credit where it is due, the cartoons aren’t bad, if you discount Fred Bassett and The Gambols. Above is the Odd Streak cartoon from yesterday. Simple, but very, very funny, or at least I think so.
And its Australian creator, Tony Lopes, obviously shares my cynicism for meaningless corporate slogans, entitling his latest collection of cartoons ‘Striving for Quantity’.

Bugger! I’ve just realised that all of the moans above qualify me as a Daily Mail reader!

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  • john gray 11th October 2011

    I would prefer to be called a serial killer rather than a “Daily Mail” reader

  • rog 11th October 2011

    Would you rather be a Paperback Writer?

  • Jennyta 11th October 2011

    It’s insidious, SP. 😉

  • Yorkshire Pudding 11th October 2011

    What the hell is that on top of the igloo? It looks like a giant blueberry waffle but it could be a street grate that stops pedestrians from plunging to below ground level… so I don’t get the joke. Does that make me an idiot too?

  • Mr Parrot 12th October 2011

    Of course it’s a giant blueberry waffle, that’s the joke. It would go cold if you put it on top of an igloo, something that all inuits, except the stupid ones, are fully aware of.

  • Katherine 13th October 2011

    Don’t daily mail contributors usually include some reference to amusing-shaped vegetables? Or have I got the wrong paper?

  • Mr Parrot 13th October 2011

    You’ve got the right paper Katherine, in keeping with the best That’s Life tradition, although they tend not to be quite so rude.


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