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Our Lady and the ApostlesI don’t like to blow my own trumpet, well no more than once or twice a day anyhow, but I thought this was worth noting. I had my first photo published in our local paper today, along with a few other contributors to their Flickr group.

It’s a shot of Our Lady and the Apostles RC Church in Shaw Heath, Stockport that I happened to be passing after dropping off my daughter at work. The sun was bright and in the right place and I do prefer photographic subjects that stay still.

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  • rog 15th October 2011


  • Yorkshire Pudding 15th October 2011

    Congratulations and well spotted. It is amazing what the Victorians could do with bricks – even though I am of course fully aware that Kirby’s Shaw Heath building is dated 1905.

  • Katherine 15th October 2011

    Stunning shot. Warm sunshine captured. Perfect symmetry is the best choice sometimes. Congratulations!

  • Jennyta 15th October 2011

    Well done, you! A lovely photo. I prefer subject which don’t move too. 🙂

  • Danial 15th October 2011

    Very interesting to read the perspective of a professional. Writers should probably stick with what they know!


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