N is for Newlands, Neptune and Nobel

Can I complete the whole of Round 9 of ABC Wednesday based on our four week stay in South Africa in February? Click on the photos to enlarge.

One of the things I promised myself before we arrived in Cape Town was to watch a cricket match at Newlands, the test match venue that was a short drive from where we were staying.

It is said to be one of the most beautiful cricket grounds, standing as it does in the shadow of Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak, but as you can see from the photo, we didn’t pick the right day to appreciate it.

We chose one of those days when clouds poured off the mountain to watch an evening Standard Bank Pro 20 game, but it was hard to tell how much of the cloud came from Table Mountain and how much was from the Castle Brewery that you can see behind the far stand.

The match was between the Cape Cobras and the Chevrolet Warriors from Port Elizabeth which the Cobras had to win to secure a place in the semi-finals. I’m pleased to say that the Cobras did indeed triumph, thanks to an unbeaten 58 from Englishman, Owais Shah, who also scored the winning run.

Sports Scientific Institute of South AfricaUnfortunately, we had a second and less pleasurable visit to Newlands after Mrs P fell and dislocated a rib. (No, I didn’t think you could do that either.)

She was referred to the prestigious Scientific Institute of South Africa for x-rays, situated at Newlands between the cricket and rugby stadiums.

A painful experience that didn’t spoil the holiday too much and top marks for Cape Town’s health services.

NeptuneMy next N is none other than Neptune sitting atop the Castle of Good Hope on a rather nicer day than we experienced at Newlands.

The pentagon/star shaped castle has been the centre of civilian, administrative and military life at the Cape since it was built in 1678, although today it is purely a military base and tourist attraction.

My final N takes me back to the sea, or to the waterfront at least, where you will find Nobel Square and the statues of four Nobel Peace Laureates.

Nobel Peace LaureatesFrom left to right, they are Albert Luthuli who ‘fought to implant the idea of justice in the individual, in the nation, and among the nations.’

Desmond Tutu who ‘although he has never learnt to hate, none has opposed injustice with a more burning anger.’

FW de Klerk who was ‘a shining example for the world that there are ways out of the vicious circle of violence and bitterness.’

And last, but certainly not least, Nelson Mandela who, with de Klerk, chose ‘reconciliation rather than the alternative, which would inevitably have been an ever more bitter and bloodier conflict.’

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  • Denise 19th October 2011

    Did I mention I met desmond Tutu? I think I did! Looking forward to your X contribution! lol
    Denise ABC Team

  • rog 19th October 2011

    boy, I need to learn how to watch cricket; it’s fairly indechiperable to me now.
    ROG, ABC wednesday team

  • Yorkshire Pudding 19th October 2011

    Real gentlemen do not punch their wives in the ribs and then make the tired old claim – “she fell”. Truth is more precious than all the gold and diamonds in South Africa. I am surprised she continues to tolerate your violence.

  • Kate 19th October 2011

    I hope that the Yorkshire Pudding is kidding!

    Lucky you to be spending time in Capetown! The four statues are my heroes!

  • Mr Parrot 19th October 2011

    See what you’ve done Yorkie? Blackened my good name. My seconds shall be calling on you!

  • Helen Mac 19th October 2011

    so many N’s for you to write about! I wish I could learn more about cricket. And what a quartet of modern South Africans in Nobel Square!
    ABC Wednesday Team

  • Meryl 20th October 2011

    Those are really interesting statues – the proportions are kind of cool.

  • john g 20th October 2011

    I love those statues… accessible and tactile….

  • Mr Parrot 20th October 2011

    You’re right John and the nearest I got to having my photo taken with Nelson Mandela!

  • Tumblewords 21st October 2011

    Wonderful photos and narrative. A dislocated rib would be no fun, at all.

  • Scriptor Senex 21st October 2011

    A great selection of Ns. Dislocated rib – that does sound painful and unusual. Being both an invalid and a hypochrondriac that is one I shall store up for future reference…

  • liz 22nd October 2011

    Mandela is the most amazing I think, although Luthuli sounds interesting.

  • Jay from The Depp Effect 23rd October 2011

    I don’t watch cricket (too sloooow for me!), but I think the light in your photo is extraordinary and certainly is beautiful!

    Mrs P’s accident sounds horribly painful, and I’m glad it didn’t spoil the holiday completely. Nobel Square certainly looks as if it shouldn’t be missed. Four figures of great stature there, for sure.

  • Mr Parrot 23rd October 2011

    Thanks Jay. The accident caused one lost night’s sleep and a painful ten hour flight to Amsterdam, but otherwise didn’t spoil things too much.

  • Francisca 26th October 2011

    Oh, that’s nasty for Ms P! Hope that is all behind her… Cricket is among only a handful of sports (that I know of) I have not seen (more than a glimpse on the news). The Nobel Square statues honor great men; Mandela is among my heroes. And I totally subscribe to the notion of indignant anger without hate.


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