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SpooksIf I had anything in my wardrobe that was black, totally black, I would be wearing it tonight to mark my respects for the passing of the all-time great tv shows.

Tonight saw the very last episode of Spooks on BBC1. After ten years of ‘MI5, Not 9 to 5’ our national security and Sunday night sofas are no longer safe.

For me there have been few tv series that have maintained and improved on the quality of production, scriptwriting and acting as Spooks has.

This last episode was intended to tie up the loose ends, but if anything it left me (and Ms P) wanting more. It was a special touch that Tom Quinn, the original spook from series one and pictured above, should make the most fleeting of appearances near the end before he took out the main bad guy.

It wasn’t real MI5, of course. These civil servants used iPads instead of clipboards and I can’t imagine any government IT bod allowing rogue agents to work with Macs instead of PCs, but thank goodness they did or all sorts of really bad things might have happened.

Strangest of all is that the decision to terminate the series with extreme prejudice was taken by the production company, and not the BBC. I’m sure Auntie Beeb would have happily bought more to fill this slot in the autumn schedule.

So charge your glasses and raise a toast to Harry Pearce, Ruth Evershed, Adam Carter, Zafar Younis, Ros Meyers, Malcolm Wynn-Jones, Lucas North et al who have entertained us so royally.

We shall not see their like again. (Unless we start a petition)


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  • Jay from The Depp Effect 24th October 2011

    OH is a fan of Spooks, and I started watching but stopped because in those early days there was too much unnecessarily graphic violence. I’m thinking of the girl who was killed in the fat fryer. Turned my stomach and that was it for me. Useless for OH to insist that nothing like it happened again.

    It is sad though, when a series you love ends. I was just as upset at the ending of Boston Legal. Such a great series .. and as you say about Spooks; the loose ends might have been tied (to a point) but it still left you wanting more.

  • Mr Parrot 25th October 2011

    The fat-fryer death is still the one that people remember even though it was in episode two of series one! And it wasn’t really graphic — you knew what had happened, but didn’t see it on the screen.

    Personally, I found the death of Colin in series five far more distressing!


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