Danger Mop

Danger MopI had to pop over to see a friend at Pear Mill yesterday afternoon and took along my camera as it was a reasonably bright day.

Left is one of those incongruous sights you come across. I’m not entirely sure what is so dangerous about a mop. Sexism alert: unless it is when in the wrong hands, ie a man.

The mill opened for business just under 100 years ago and I love the attention to detail that architects paid to work buildings back then, unlike the prefab constructs we see on trading estates today.

Engine HouseThere are images of pears in the red and cream brickwork and the purpose of the buildings literally set in stone, like the ‘sign’ over the Engine House door on the right.

Not that it means much nowadays. The door beneath is now the entrance to an indoor climbing centre.

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  • Roger Green 24th October 2011

    Maybe it’s the slippery wet pavement.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 24th October 2011

    It’s possible that the “danger” sign had nothing to do with the mop. Perhaps the mop was left there by a forgetful cleaner. If mopping floors were an Olympic event, I believe that I could outmop the majority of women. Mops can make floors very slippery so that if someone walks on a recently mopped floor, he or she could easily fall perhaps causing significant injury. Once again you are the fortunate recipient of my worldly wisdom.

  • John 24th October 2011

    And that is a particulary nasty mop

  • Cathy Simpson 25th October 2011

    What ever it is , I believe that the danger sign is the only real thing there and the mop is just some sort of a model. hahaha

  • Anna 25th October 2011

    Haha, beware of the killer mop! 🙂 You cheered me up!

  • Camille 25th October 2011

    I agree with you! So next time just be careful!

  • Maverick 2nd November 2011

    I think the mop has nothing to do with the danger sign. Maybe it was placed there without the purpose. Anyway, thank you for sharing.

  • Annyka 5th November 2011

    I agree that we should not be discourage when we are rejected, maybe there’s a much better opportunities waiting for us.


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