SorryThere are times when we all act rashly and say and do things we regret and only a public apology will do. So here goes.

I’d like to say sorry to this man in India who keeps calling me. I apologise for my rudeness in putting down the phone before you’ve said no more than, “Hello Mr Rodez.”

It might be because you can never pronounce my name properly (which is only polite) or that you call just when I’m about to sit down to eat, but that’s no excuse really.

I know you have my best interests at heart. Asking whether I’ve had an accident in the last twelve months or pointing out that my PC has become infected with a dangerous virus that only you can fix.

Ashamed of my crass behaviour, I was going to phone back to say sorry in person, but when I tried 1471 it said the caller’s number had been withheld. A mere oversight on your part I’m sure.

Anyway, I’ve done it now so the next time you call and I hang up on you, please remember that I’ve apologised in advance.

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  • Roger Green 27th October 2011

    Just before I hang up, I always cut them off and say, “Sorry, not interested. Goodbye!” The goodbye is always SO upbeat.

  • Jennyta 28th October 2011

    I do the same as Roger. Dad has now had 93 calls this year wanting to talk to him about all of the above.


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