Take This Lollipop I was rather grumpy about the whole Hallowe’en business yesterday, even omitting the apostrophe, which isn’t like me.

I should point out that I’ve done my share of pumpkin carving in the past, when the kids were small, and we usually get in some trick or treat sweets for any young ghouls or witches who might call.

But they don’t because we live on a main road.

Just to show that I’m not a killjoy, I thought I would share this seasonal link with you.

I came across it last week on Rikaith’s blog, but I’ve delayed sharing it until today.

So apologies if a) you’ve already seen this and b) if you don’t have a Facebook page to log-in with. Otherwise, go to Take This Lollipop.

And don’t have nightmares.

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  • FelipeG 31st October 2011

    Thanks for sharing those links! Went and read them! Happy Halloween!

  • Roger Green 31st October 2011

    Nothing like having a 7.5 y.o. to suck you back into the holiday s-p-i-r-i-t…


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