P is for Mr Pietersen, Potjie and Penguins

Can I complete the whole of Round 9 of ABC Wednesday based on our four week stay in South Africa in February? Click on the photos to enlarge.

Mr Pietersen and the GuysThis is one of my favourite photos from Cape Town and a happy accident too after I played around with an underexposed sunshine and shade shot. It looks as if it might be advertising Southern Comfort.

But the reason I include it on P day is because it shows ‘Mr Pietersen and the Guys’ (that’s him second left) who we came across playing at the waterfront every time we went there and presumably they performed there seven days a week.

They played selections of popular tunes in a chintzy sort of way that was perfect for the place, but I found a better use for their CDs — to placate my mood when negotiating the hectic Cape Town traffic. It was remarkably calming. Here’s Mr Pietersen & Co playing Paper Moon:

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”https://shootingparrots.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/07-Paper-Moon.mp3″]

PotjieMy penultimate P is a potjie, not unlike the one in the photo on the right that I came across in the Ou Tronk in Riversdale which I wrote about last week.

Simply, a potjie is a cast iron pot used for cooking over an open fire to make the most delicious, slow-cooked stew of layered meat and vegetables.

African PenguinAnd my final P are the penguins of Boulders Beach in False Bay.

The colony of African Penguins was established  there in 1982 as part of the Table Mountain National Park.

The beach itself is sheltered and is made up of huge granite boulders, hence the name.

African Penguins can be found around the coast, from Namibia, south to the Cape and all the way to Port Elizabeth on the Eastern Cape.

Penguin Rescue ServiceThey were previously known as Jackass Penguins because of their distinctive donkey-like bray and their presence also gives the name to the Penguin Islands off the coast of Namibia.

And, of course, they are protected and looked after as you can see from my snap of the Penguin Rescue Unit vehicle that passed by on patrol.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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  • rog 2nd November 2011

    penultimate is one of my absolute favorite words

  • Oakland Daily Photo 2nd November 2011

    You not only did a P, you did three! So far your project is producing primo photos.

  • hunterX0506 2nd November 2011

    Great blog post! Thanks for sharing your details about this blog. | 😛

  • Carver 2nd November 2011

    Fascinating post and great P words. I enjoyed the photography and narrative very much.

  • Francisca 2nd November 2011

    Oh yeah, you can’t stay too pensive or pessimistic listening to Mr Pietersen & Co playing Paper Moon! Another pleasant round of ABC in South Africa!

  • Francisca 2nd November 2011

    PS. I hit the Post Comment too soon. In my post, it is likely that the paintings on the homes were made by local or travelling artists, but they would be in no way be mass produced; although the images are traditional, each one would be unique.

  • Scriptor Senex 2nd November 2011

    I love the Penguin – a great post as always.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 2nd November 2011

    Another pleasant plogpost about South Africa. Yes – the band picture is surely one to be proud of. Love the bass “guitar”! And also in a post-apartheid nation, you wonder what the white guy is saying to the band member. Whatever it is, it’s non-aggressive and suggests equality.

  • Joy 2nd November 2011

    That is a band that would cheer you up in traffic, nice shot. I suspect I’ll be humming paper moon now.

  • chrisj 3rd November 2011

    I love that cast iron (I presume) pot. I could have used one of those a week or two ago when the electricity went out for hours and hours.
    I also think your penguin is very snazzy looking.


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