Austerity Britain – Condiments

SaltIn these cash-strapped times when even countries are going to the wall, let alone mortgage defaulters, every drachma euro penny counts.

Which is why I’ve decided to share my money-saving tips in what might well become a long-running, occasional series.

First up, sodium chloride and how to keep your salt cellar full without boosting Saxa’s profits.

Very easy this one. All you need is a son addicted to KFC because every time he goes for Popcorn Chicken or a Zinger Burger meal, his accoutrements bag will always contains at least a dozen sachets of salt.

Instead of throwing them away, simply use them to top up your salt cellar. Voila! You need never buy another packet of salt again.

This is also a good way of obtaining free paper napkins, freshen-up tissues and plastic cutlery.

The downside, of course, is having to eat KFC chicken, but we all have to make sacrifices if we’re going to get the economy back on its feet.

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  • rog 4th November 2011

    Here you can also get those ketchup packs at McDonalds and the like.

  • Yorkshire Pudding 4th November 2011

    I have three other useful money-saving tips:-
    1) If you have a cat or dog or any other furry pet, why not save all their excess hair from moulting or brushing and spin into a yarn that can then be used to make a nice cardigan or (if you only have a hamster) – bed socks/willy warmer.
    2) Save any polystyrene packaging material you receive and gradually construct a sort of styrofoam igloo around your bed. This will reduce heating bills dramatically as you’ll be snug and warm in there throughout the winter.
    3) Don’t throw any “waste” bread out for the garden birds or indeed feed ducks at the park with it. Instead consider making a traditional bread and butter pudding. By the way, whilst at the park, you might consider reducing the mallard population by sticking one in your rucksack or shopping bag ready for roasting when you get home. After all, meat is so expensive these days.

  • Anna 4th November 2011

    I already do this napkin saving trick :). I thought that I was totally alone with it LOL! Haha @Yorkshire Pudding, you can’t be serious about the yarn! OMG

  • rhymeswithplague 5th November 2011

    Anna, you don’t Yorkshire Pudding like we do. He is as serious as he can possibly be….

  • malunggay56 7th November 2011

    This will reduce heating bills dramatically as you’ll be snug and warm in there throughout the winter. | 😛


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